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For Models

MoTV Helps you Pay your Bills and Expand your Resume

Forget the Mayhem! Why target only fans? ModelsonlyTv is the first platform for models, as well as talent, that not only facilitates finding paid gigs but also allows models to sell and offer services. 

Every Model/Talent that joins the MoTV community receives their very own agent. Let us help you take control of your dreams and vision.

  • Is this free to Join?

    Yes, Signing up is free.

    The only time we profit is when you profit. Whenever you are booked/hired MoTV takes out it's assistant fees which goes in part to keeping the platform running and paying your account agents.  


For Talent Seekers

Post a Gig & Book a Model today!

It's easy. Simply post a gig/ob you need completed and receive competitive bids from models/ talent within minutes. Whatever your needs, there will be a model to get it done: from print, commercials, nude shoots, music videos (and a whole lot more).

  • Is it Free to post Gigs/ Search for Talent?

    Yes, We will never charge you for this Service!

    Sign Up, Verify your email, and begin booking within minutes. The only time you spend any cash on MoTV, is when you book talent or pay for theirs or any of our platforms additional features.


Why Choose MoTV?

Who doesn't want to be their own boss?

There's no such thing as free promo. If you have a talent, MoTV helps you put a price on it. We are not just a platform, we are a community. 

Explore our groups, find new friends, network and receive assistance from your account managers/agents who are ready to work for and represent your brand anytime.

  • Talent Seekers: Browse Portfolios/ Resumes

    Know who you are hiring before you hire.

    Find talent you can trust by browsing their samples of previous work, reviewing their resumes and reading their profile reviews.

  • Talent Seekers: View bids on Posted Jobs

    Competing for Jobs

    Receive free bids from our talented models within seconds.

  • Models & Seekers: Live chat

    Discuss before booking.

    You can live chat before booking to get updates or clarity on your gigs.